Pssst… Britney Spears is Bald Under That Wig

Just in case you are really confused, let me explain something to you. No, Britney Spears didn’t miraculously grown back all her hair over the weekend. That’s a wig!

I know, it looks so real, but trust me, those blonde locks aren’t natural. No, Britney Spears is bald, but I guess she’s got some regrets over her rather “hasty” decision.

Brit also spent the night out at the clubs this weekend, reports The Daily Mail, no doubt trying to drown in her sorrows insanity with alcohol.

The strange world of Britney Spears has got even stranger. Soon after shaving off all her hair, she donned a bizarre blonde, Marilyn Monroe-style wig and large black sunglasses to visit yet another club.

Showing no sign of craving privacy, the 25-year-old singer arrived at the Roxy nightclub on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip for a karaoke-themed birthday party.

But, in keeping with her increasingly erratic behaviour, Britney stormed out after 45 minutes and headed for the Polo Lounge. She had taken offence when the DJ played her debut hit Hit Me Baby One More Time in her honour.

One clubber said: “It was a shock to see her in a wig after what she had done to herself. While she was in the club she kept going to bathroom all the time, which was weird.”

I think the coming months are going to be fun.