These Penelope Cruz Pictures are Damn Sexy Thanks to Ellen Von Unwerth, and Penelope Cruz

Sure, you could look at Paparazzi pictures all day, but it’s a different story when a real photographer takes pictures of a beautiful actress. A perfect example of that are these Penelope Cruz pictures by acclaimed photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.

Unwerth’s pictures are always the sexiest you’ll get, and these definitely don’t dissapoint. No, there’s no nipple, and you won’t find Penelope Cruz naked under a sheet. In fact, the reason these pictures are hot is because you don’t see everything.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing it all, I’m just saying that there’s nude, and then there’s sexy. And if you can’t have one, the other ain’t bad.

More Penelope Cruz pictures by Ellen Von Unwerth after the jump.