Paris Hilton Smokes a Joint in the Car

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Okay, I know, Paris Hilton smoking a joint. Big deal, right? We've seen her having sex, we've seen her snort cocaine, we've even seen her boxes of Herpes medication. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to see her take a needle and jam it into her arm on the red carpet of some stupid club opening.

The thing is, if Paris Hilton can so flagrantly smoke a joint in public, and there's obviously a ton of Paparazzi around, can't we pepper a few undercover police officers in the crowd too? Then, Bob's your uncle, throw her in jail. I mean, if you can put every Black man and Hispanic in jail for the same thing, why not Paris Hilton?

No, seriously.

It's just too bad she had the window rolled down. If she was hot-boxing, maybe her friend in the driver's seat would get baked too, and then... Oops! The car got wrapped around a tree.

Photo credit: Flynet

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