More Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Videos

As far as sex tapes go, the Kim Kardashian sex tape probably won’t win any awards, or go down in history, but that doesn’t mean Kim isn’t trying to fight it. According to E! Online, Kim Kardashian is planning to sue to stop the video from being released. But judging by the fact that we have 2 new videos right here in this post, I have a feeling it’s not going to work.

The socialite and daughter of late O.J. defense attorney Robert Kardashian will be filing a lawsuit to try to stop the DVD release of a three-year-old sex tape featuring her and actor-rapper Ray J, who she was dating at the time the video was made, E! News learned Thursday.

Vivid Entertainment shelled out $1 million to an undisclosed third party for the tape and is planning to add Kim Kardashian Superstar to the homemade adult entertainment canon in the near future, despite objections over the deal’s legality.

We are comfortable that we have the legal right to distribute this video, despite what others may say,” Vivid cochairman Steven Hirsch said.

Everyone is pretty disappointed and very confused as to what’s going on and who’s behind this,” Kardashian, who says that she and Ray J have remained friends, told E! News. “We’re just going to get to the bottom of this and do whatever we have to do to stop it.”

Whatever. Forget all that. Here are the videos. And in case you are wondering, they are rather NSFW.

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