Keira Knightely Nude in Next Film "Silk"

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Rejoice, Keira Knightley fans! You will once again have the chance to see Keira Knightley nude when her new film Silk hits theatres on August 13. While this won't be the first time we see Keira Knihgtley nude on screen (she flashed her breasts in The Hole, was naked in sex scenes and the bath in The Jacket, and did strip scenes and sex scenes in Domino), but it sounds like this movie will be her most revealing.

According to posts on IMDb (here and here), Keira gets naked several times, and is scene topless, at the very least.

- For all the people excited to see Keira: yes you do see her topless many, many times.

- She is nude only in a couple of scenes in "Silk", once during a love scene and another that readers of the novella will recognize which is when Herve is looking at the letter the "Concubine" wrote and Helene leans over him with her gown gaping open and he internally remarks about her breasts (something about how they are small and like a little girl's or something like that).

Now, keep in mind, these eye-witness accounts are based on the test screenings, and many things can be changed before the film's release, but it sounds to me like these scenes are fairly integral, and will most probably stay in. And if they don't, well, there really isn't much point in going to see the movie, is there?

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