Jennifer Aniston Nude / Topless / Nipple Slip from The Breakup

When The Break Up was released last year, there was a lot press coverage over Jennifer Aniston’s nude scene in the movie. Of course, you didn’t actually get to see anything because of some clever cropping and out-of-focus shots. The most you could see was Jennifer Aniston’s naked ass, but blurry.

But the fact of the matter is, Jennifer Aniston was naked in that scene, and thanks to some crafty person with access to the original film, we now have Jennifer Aniston’s nipples preserved for all time. Technically, I guess you could call it a Jennifer Aniston nipple slip since her nipples have kind of “slipped” into the frame.

I’m sure these Jennifer Aniston topless pictures, scanned from French magazine Choc, will probably be short-lived, so get it while you can. And don’t forget: You saw it on Egotastic! first.

Update: Well, the Jennifer Aniston topless pictures has been removed. Apparently, her lawyers, and those of Universal Pictures weren’t very happy about the whole thing.

What I don’t get is if this image was never supposed to make it out into the public, and we were never supposed to Jennifer Aniston naked, why didn’t she just put on some pasties and cover her nipples up? Then this whole thing would have never happened.