Is Lindsay Lohan Having Threesomes?

This is about as unsubstantiated as it gets, and is really pure speculation, but after reading a “blind item” from the New York Daily News, one easily comes to the conclusiong that Lindsay Lohan is having threesome sex, with two male partners.

Which red-hot rehabber has a new thing for threesomes with two gentlemen friends?

I mean, who the hell else are we supposed to think it is? Now that Lindsay is out of Rehab, we know she’ll have to replace one addiction for another (assuming she really has stopped drinking and doing drugs *cough* Bullshit *cough*), and it seems sex would be the most likely.

If it is true, I just think her choice of threesome type isn’t the best. Everyone knows the girl-girl-guy kind is better than the other. But who knows, maybe that time in Rehab gave her the opportunity to brush up on the latest trends in adult entertainment…

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Photo credit: Flynet