Heather Graham Loves Lesbian Kisses

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Okay, so here's a movie you need to put on your must see list: Gray Matters, starring Heather Graham and Bridget Moynahan. Why? Because Heather and Bridget share some kisses, and according to Heather, it was very nice, reports Page Six.

"She was a pretty good kisser. The lips are very soft and sweet," Graham said of Moynahan at the premiere in D.C. at the new Swedish Embassy, hosted by Capitol File magazine.

I am so totally there. It's as if the writer has a magical telescope into my brain. If you look a bit closer, the telescope will also show you Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson making out in The Other Boleyn Girl, and Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba going at it in what would have to be the best movie ever.

Update: Video is online! Check it out: Heather Graham and Bridget Moynahan's Lesbian Kiss Video

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