Denise Richards’ Pussy on Display


So, not only was Denise Richards spotted with a mysterious white substance under her nose, but she also showed off a bit too much during her beach vacation in Maui.

While relaxing on the beach in her bikini, Denise Richards’ pussy was on full half display, thanks to a lack of underwear or bikini bottoms under her shorts.

Thankfully, Denise Richards’ pussy is better than Britney Spears’ pussy and Lindsay Lohan’s pussy. Though I’m not sure by how much. More Denise Richards pictures after the jump.

Retraction Update: If you are looking for the pictures of Denise Richards engaged in what may appear to be the use of cocaine, those pictures have been removed at the request of Denise Richards and her legal team. While the post was made in jest, and it was never explicitly said that Denise Richards was in fact using cocaine (turns out it was sunscreen and lip gloss), Denise and her legal team think it was defamatory, and would like you to know that she does not use cocaine.

So, for the record, Denise Richards was not using cocaine, and it’s not right to think she was.

Photo credit: Flynet