These Katie Holmes Upskirt Pictures are Just Plain Wrong

Okay, I’ve got a few problems with these Katie Holmes upskirt pictures, and here they are:

First of all, Katie Holmes is totally doing it on purpose. She’s wearing a full length dress, not a miniskirt, but she somehow still manages to nearly show us everything underneath. After Britney, Lindsay and Paris, we’re kind of over the whole “oops” thing.

Second, if you’re going to try and pull off an upskirt moment, you might want to consider trading in the granny-panty support underwear for something a bit sexier, like a thong, or nothing at all. No one wants to see Katie’s fat-restraining undergarments cutting off the circulation to her thighs. Then again, I don’t think anyone wants to see her alien baby maker either.

And while this doesn’t have anything to do with the upskirt, I think the top half of the dress isn’t any better. Lets get a good bra in under there, or just a different style dress altogether, because that cleavage isn’t sexy at all.