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The New Paris Hilton Nude Videos

Well, if you were stunned by yesterday's Paris Hilton Exposed post, or maybe just mildly amused, you might like this update. Here we have links to 8 Paris Hilton nude videos from those guys that bought all her stuff.

No real sex tapes here, since it's more like groping and kissing, keeping it all pretty PG-13, but I'm sure we'll see lots more later. If you're wondering what is in the clips, there's Paris Hilton naked in the bath, Paris topless in bed, nude in bed, and even topless while reading a script.

  1. Paris in bed 1 (15,2 MB)
  2. Paris in bed 2 (9,5 MB)
  3. Paris in the Bath 1 (13,0 MB)
  4. Paris in the Bath 2 (13,3 MB)
  5. Paris in the Bath 3 (15,5 MB)
  6. Paris topless (5,5 MB)
  7. Paris in bed (16,4 MB)
  8. Paris at the computer (9,5 MB)
  9. All in one (90,0 MB)

You will probably need to use this program: WinRAR to extract the videos from the .rar files. Don't worry, it's free and safe.

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