Sienna Miller Has No Pants, or Sense of Style

A lot of people say that Sienna Miller has a great sense of style. Those people are wrong. At least when it comes to this disaster of an outfit that Sienna Miller wore to the Factory Girl premiere after party.

I don’t know when the underwear-over-the-tights, superhero look came back into style, but this ensemble does not make Sienna a fashion hero. Then again, maybe Sienna really is wearing pants, and we all have X-Ray vision now! Yeah, that’s it. Either that, or her designer also did the upholstery on Wonder Woman‘s invisible jet.

So, are mirrors Sienna Miller’s only weakness (well, mirrors and slightly effeminate actors), or has her style power been neutralized by some kind of fashion Kryptonite? Find out in the next issue of The Adventures of Sienna Miller: Fashion Victim!