People's Choice Awards Mega Picture Post

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So, the 33rd People's Choice Awards were on last night, and, to be honest, I didn't really watch. I did the whole voting thing, but only about three of the nominees appealed to me, so I pretty much lost all interest right from the start.

Of course, it doesn't matter in any way, shape, or form who was nominated, who won, who was hosting or presenting. The only thing about award shows that really matters is the pretty ladies in sexy dresses. And in that regard, the evening didn't dissapoint.

Most notable attendees include Halle Berry, in a very shiny, very short, very open gold dress, Ali Larter looking flawlessly beautiful, and Emily Procter taking her low-cut neckline to the limit. Also looking great were Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, and Katherine Heigl.

Naturally, there were lots of other stunning stars there as well, and you can see them all, and all 162 pictures after the jump.

Ali Larter

Ashley Scott

Cameron Diaz

Carmen Electra

Christina Applegate

Emily Procter

Eva Longoria

Halle Berry

Hayden Panettiere

Jaime King

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Walsh

Katherine Heigl

Katie Bowden

Lizzy Caplan

Malinda Williams

Rebecca Gayheart

Sandra Oh

Sara Paxton

Tawney Cypress

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