Olivia Munn is Wonder Woman

I've already talked about how much I love Olivia Munn from G4's Attack of the Show. As far as cool, funny, sexy, beautiful women go, Olivia Munn is way, way up there. So what could possibly make her any more incredible? Um, how about dressing up as Wonder Woman!

Yes, that's right, your boyhood fantasies have finally been fulfilled. Olivia Munn is Wonder Woman. Or at least she was for a sketch on AOTS a couple days ago. I swear, my head damn near exploded in a rush of fanboy excitement when I saw it.

Thankfully, the boys at were nice enough to provide the video clip for me to share with all you out there in Egoland. Joss Whedon, if you're reading this (which I know you're not), you have found your Wonder Woman, and her name is Olivia Munn.

And she's damn funny too.

As a bonus for fans of the show, and the comic, the always super cute Blair Butler appears as Cheetah... In a night-vision "cat fight" with Wonder Woman...

Oh yeah. Awesome.

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