Lindsay Lohan’s Nipples are Completely Visible


So, in these pictures, you can totally see Lindsay Lohan’s nipples, because her dress is just about as see-through as it could possibly be. We’re not talking about some dress she probably thought was opaque, but turned see-through because of the camera flash. No, that is a sheer dress.

Which is just further proof that Lindsay Lohan is a complete attention whore, and will do anything to get people to look at her. Of course, if she chooses to get attention by letting everyone see her ostensibly naked breasts, well, I’m not going to complain. I just thought I’d point it out is all.

Oh, and yeah, that is Sienna Miller with Lindsay, and the pairing of these two is pretty much the hottest thing. Sadly, you can’t see any Sienna Miller nipple action, but I think Lindsay’s nipples are doing a good enough job on their own. Hopefull they’ll also make up for the fact that I had to remove those Sienna Miller nude videos, too.