Keeley Sex Tape!? Yes, Keeley Hazell Sex Tape!

Okay, here’s the rule. If you plan on becoming famous, don’t make a sex tape. It will only come back to fuck bite you in the ass. That being said, if you plan on becoming famous, please make a sex tape. Everyone wants to see celebrity sex tapes.

Today’s featured sex tape is none other than the Keeley Sex Tape that hit the net yesterday. In it, Keeley gives one hell of a vivacious blow job, and gets hers in return. I have to say, the camera angles aren’t always the best, and there’s a bit too much man ass in it, but a Keeley Hazell sex tape is still a Keeley Hazell sex tape. Am I right?

Oh, for those of you who don’t know, Keeley Hazell is just about the most popular model in Britain (and on the Internet) right now, appearing in pretty much every “lads mag” wearing little more than what she has on this video. She’s also one of the most perfect women to ever live, so she’s got that going for her too.

Download the video: Keeley Hazell Sex Tape

Update: The embedded video player isn’t working, but you can still download the video at the link above.

PS – Thanks to everyone who emailed in about this one, but trust me, we’ve been on top of it from the get go.