A Jennifer Aniston / Courteney Cox Lesbian Kiss is Coming!

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So, do you remember that episode of Friends where Rachel and Monica kissed each other to win back their apartment from Joey and Chandler, but you didn't actually see anything because it was a damn primetime comedy show? Well, it looks like you will finally get to see that spectacular moment. reports that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Arquette will indeed share a lesbian kiss on Courteney's new show Dirt. The girl-on-girl kiss is obivously an attempt to boost the shows extremely low ratings, but that doesn't bother me one bit.

Call them Friends with benefits. You already know that when Jennifer Aniston guests on the March 27 season finale of Courteney Cox's FX drama Dirt, she'll be playing her bosom buddy's archenemy, a rival tabloid editor. But what I've learned -- muahaha, exclusively! -- is that Aniston's character is a lesbian. What's more, she won't just mouth off to Cox's tightly wound counterpart, she's going to share a liplock with her. An FX rep declined to comment, but Joey Tribbiani had this to say: "Yeah, baby!"

I have a feeling the ratings for this show will somehow, miraculously rebound... For one episode and then people will go back to not watching it, because supposedly it sucks. Of course, if they wanted to steer the show in the direction of The L Word, that would be even better.

Video Bonus:

While I don't have any videos of the upcoming Jennifer Aniston / Courteney Cox lesbian kiss, I do have a video of the tame, bet still classic

. Enjoy.

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