Britney Spears Nude Painting Commissioned

Most people might think that after having flashed your reproductive organs to the world three times in as many days, you might take a break from the whole freaking people out with your disgusting body. Most people, but not Britney Spears.

According to Britain’s More Magazine, Britney is so enamoured with herself, that she’s commissioning a nude portrait of herself to be painted. Yes, that’s right, a Britney Spears nude painting.

“Britney’s been getting in better and better shape since she split with Kevin and wants her body immortalised in a portrait.

“She loves the film Titanic, especially the scene where Kate Winslet’s character Rose gets painted in the nude. She wants it tastefully done, though, and is looking for the right artist to do it.”

First Britney ruins the world of music, and now she has to ruin the art world too? What’s next? Why not ruin architecture with buildings in the shape of Britney Spears nude? Or how about a play, featuring nothing but Britney Spears naked, that would destroy the stage. Please, Britney, stop before we have nothing left that hasn’t been tainted by your hideous form!

Maybe one of these pictures will be the chosen pose. Sexy.