64th Golden Globe Awards Mega Picture Post Part 2

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Here's Part 2 of this year's Golden Globes Mega Picture Post. It's pretty much a lot more of the same stuff, but specifically K - Z. Lots of pretty ladies in expensive dresses. What can you really say?

Well, you can say that Salma Hayek's cleavage is pretty fantastic, and that it looks like Reese Witherspoon hasn't eaten since she filed for divorce from Ryan Phillippe.

But were not here for talking, were here for gawking, so hit up all the pictures after the jump. And if you missed them, A - J, can be found in the 64th Golden Globe Awards Mega Picture Post - Part 1.

Kate Winslet

Katherine Heigl

Kyra Sedgwick

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maria Menounos

Mary Louise Parker

Naomi Watts

Penelope Cruz

Patricia and Rosanna Arquette

Rachel Weisz

Reese Witherspoon

Rene Zellweger

Rinko Kikuchi

Salma Hayek

Sarah Paulson

Sharon Stone

Shaun Robinson

Sheryl Crow

Sienna Miller

Teri Hatcher

Tina Fey

Toni Collette

Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa Williams

Victoria Recano

Yunjin Kim

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