Tara Reid Bikini Pictures Make Me Sad

So the last time I talked about Tara Reid, it was to say how shocked I was that she looked good. Well, I take it all back. Tara Reid is still as gross as ever, and these Tara Reid bikini pictures prove it.

Sadly, Tara Reid's stomach is still more than enough to offset what she may have gained by getting new breast implants. The fact that she would wear a belly chain that only draws attention to her incredibly weird, and malformed tummy is even worse.

Even worse, the sight of Tara having her bikini adjusted by that other girl is actually the opposit of arrousing. Normally, a picture such as that would be the hottest thing (at least it would if it was Jessica Biel's bikini), but here it just makes me even more painfully aware of how gross Tara Reid is.

It's just sad.

That being said, there are more Tara Reid bikini pics after the jump.

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