Scarlett Johansson Naked Would Get My Attention

Do you remember that time Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley posed nude for Vanity Fair? Of course you do. Well, it seems as though for the people working at the photoshoot, it wasn’t that memorable at all, at least, not if you believe what Scarlett Johansson said about it. According to The Sun, Scarlett said that no one even paid attention when she and Keira Knightley got naked for the shoot. One guy was more obsessed with his Blackberry than Scarlett’s berries.

“We were going to be wearing thongs but the stylist snipped them off. Here we are, Keira and I, and we’re totally naked, and some guy is on his BlackBerry. Everyone was busy working.”

She added: “But I guess it’s better than if they were all looking at me. It was surprisingly comfortable.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking, that guy with the Blackberry must have been gay. Problem is, even a gay man would take a look at Scarlett Johansson’s breasts. Just ask Isaac Mizrahi

No, it’s far more likely that it was a camera phone, and he was snapping pictures of Scarlett Johansson naked for his private collection. I can guarantee you that’s exactly what I would be doing. Now somebody get me that guy’s phone number.