Mischa Barton Nude Scene Pictures


Don’t say Egotastic! doesn’t deliver. Back in March, we wrote about Mischa Barton’s nude scene in her new film, The OH in Ohio. Well, now we’ve got the first pictures from said nude scene, and, well, wow!

Mischa Barton definitely gets topless in the scene, but sadly, it is rather dark (so I went ahead and lightened it up). It’s also hard to tell, but it could be that Mischa’s wearing pasties in the scene. Of course, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun trying to figure whether she actually is, or not. Either way, this scene is sure to give the pause button a good workout.

One thing’s for damn sure: Mischa Barton has perfectly shaped breasts.

Update: Mischa Barton Nude Scene Video

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