Lindsay Lohan: “Paris Hilton is a Cunt”

Not sure exactly what’s going on here. I thought Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were Best Friends Forever again, but I guess Paris must have stolen Linsday’s last line of blow, or something, because it looks like Lindsay doesn’t like Paris anymore.

In fact, Lindsay Lohan called Paris Hilton a cunt! In the video below, from, Lindsay is once again surrounded by Paparazzi, and when asked how Paris Hilton is doing she says “Paris Hilton is a Cunt.” One of her Entourage quickly chimes in by saying “she’s kidding” and Lindsay sarcastically adds “Paris Hilton is my Friend. I love Paris Hilton.”

Okay. Wow! Not as creative as, say, “Firecrotch,” but points for directness.

Watch the video:

Lindsay Lohan calls Paris Hilton a Cunt