Kim Cattrall Upskirt Pictures: Basic Instinct Style


Kim Cattrall is desperate to be sexy again. Ever since the end of Sex and the City, she’s gotten about as much press as, well, as any of the girls who used to be on Sex and the City.

Now, she’s written a book entitled “Sexual Intelligence,” as if to say that she really is just as sexy as her character from the show. But just in case the book itself didn’t do the trick, it looks like Kim Cattrall decided she’d get some attention for herselfthe best way possible: Basic Instinct style.

In a move straight out of Sharon Stone‘s playbook, Kim Cattrall uncrossed, and crossed her legs, just like that infamous interrogation scene. And, I guess because Kim Cattrall is a method actor, or something, she went Commando too.

Yes, Kim flashes the goods, but I don’t know how good they are. I’ll give her an A for effort, though. Ain’t nothing like a good panty-free Upskirt picture to get yourself a little attention.

The first and second pictures have the money shots.