Ashlee Simpson Totally Wants Taye Diggs

Is Ashlee Simpson playing the homewrecker? Well, if you believe Page Six, than yes she is. Ashlee was spotted getting very close to the married Taye Diggs.

Idina Menzel, you'd better watch your man. Taye Diggs, who married his "Rent" co-star in 2003, was spotted "cheek to cheek" with Ashlee Simpson at G Spa last week. They took tequila shots and were intimately whispering and intertwining arms for a half hour. A rep for Simpson says she and Diggs are "just friends."

Now, I don't know what the rules are in Hollywood, but normally, doing shots, touching, and whispering are pretty big flirt signals. I mean, I guess she wasn't thrusting her crotch in his face like Lindsay or Paris might, so you can't be 100% sure, but sounds to me like there's something naughty going on.

More Ashlee Simpson pics after the jump.

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