Another Lindsay Lohan Car Crash

With all the Britney Spears news, Lindsay Lohan is feeling neglected. So neglected, in fact, that in order to get the spotlight back onto her, she had herself another little car crash. The New York Daily News reports that Lindsay was once again being chased by the Paparazzi when she was rear-ended by the photogrpaher’s car.

Sources tell us a photographer chasing the 20-year-old actress rear-ended her black Mercedes near the corner of Olympic and La Cienega in L.A. around 2 a.m. yesterday.

“She was apparently able to drive a short distance from the crash,” says a source. “But she later pulled over and called a friend to pick her up.”

Lohan’s rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, confirmed the accident, but had no information on the “Bobby” star’s condition or whether she had filed a police report.

Earlier in the evening, Lohan was videotaped outside the hot spot Hyde, sitting in her car while talking to a “mystery man,” according to “La Lohan appeared a little upset and teary-eyed under a hooded shirt” before “speeding off, alone,” the gossip site said.

I’ll tell you why Linsday was crying. It’s because Britney is #1 again. I tell you, this girl needs the spotlight like a crackhead needs the pipe. And we all know that smoking crack and driving isn’t very safe.