Another Lindsay Lohan Car Crash

I think God, or Fate, or Destiny, or something is trying to send Lindsay Lohan. According to This Is London, Lindsay found herself in yet another car crash, this time while out in London on her way to a date with British D-lister, Calum Best.

Lindsay Lohan continued to paint London red last night – going out on the town with Calum Best. Her evening was filled with more drama than she had bargained for when her car collided with a police van.

Last week the 20-year-old actress was pictured with worrying scratch marks on her wrist but luckily escaped any injury this time round after the police vehicle jumped a red light and collided with Lohan’s Range Rover. She had been out for dinner at the Chinese restaurant Hakkasan – without Best – when the incident took place.

Not one to let such trifles ruin her evening after a quick change of vehicles Lohan headed off to the Zigfrid bar in Shoreditch before an unsuccessful attempt to get into Boujis nightclub which had already closed.

Whether as a last resort or not, Lindsay rounded off proceedings by picking up Best from his home and taking him back to her hotel.

So what message is Lindsay supposedly being sent? Well, how about “stop being such a skank.” One car crash is an accident, two is a coincidence, four is a message from a higher power. And the fact that this latest crash happened while on her way out to meet yet another random guy has to mean something.

Of course, probability also plays a big part in the circumstances. I mean, when isn’t Lindsay Lohan on her way to meet some random guy? Now if only she had been in a Mini instead of a Range Rover?

Whatever, here are some pictures of Lindsay looking totally blitzed as per usual.