Petra Nemcova May Not Have Dumped James Blunt – But She Should Have

The big rumour is that Petra Nemcova has dumped James Blunt, for having cheated on her with Australian TV presenter, Tania Zaetta (the same Tania Zaetta seen getting touchy-feely with a drunk Dannii Minogue). Of course, Blunt denies the whole thing, and did a big interview with The Sun, to set the record straight.

I’m a very lucky man to be with Petra and that’s all I need to say. I’ve been linked to all sorts of friends romantically and it’s all just laughable.

I only have to be photographed talking to someone and then I’m meant to be going out with them. Tania is a really great mate of mine, nothing more.

My personal life is settled and good and I’m feeling very lucky and happy.

Now, of course James Blunt is going to deny that there’s anything wrong in his relationship. If you were dating someone like Petra Nemcova, you’d say everything was great too. And yes, it would be incredibly stupid of him to cheat on her with anyone else, but the English seem to do that from time to time. Remember Hugh Grant?

Ultimately, though, I don’t care about any of it. The thought of Petra Nemcova and that hack “singer” makes me sick. And really, the only reason I’m even writing about this right now is because it means I can post these pictures of Petra Nemcova looking really hot (and completely too good for James Blunt).