Paris Hilton is Just Plain Greedy

You’d think that having access to daddy’s magic credit card would be enough to keep Paris Hilton happy, but apparently it’s not. According to Page Six, Paris, (and Carmen Electra) want to be paid a tidy sum to appear at New Year’s parties this year.

Word on the street is Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra are trying to line up gigs to host celebrations in Miami, New York or Los Angeles – for a pricey sum. Hilton wants $100,000 plus expenses and a private jet for her to host a party, while Electra is cheap – a mere $50,000 and expenses. No jet necessary.

Now, I don’t really have a problem with Carmen Electra getting paid for hosting duties. A girl’s got to make a living. But Paris Hilton, who pretty much spends every waking second partying her last remaining brain cell away, really shouldn’t be getting paid for that shit.

At any rate, the smart party promoter out there should really go with Carmen Electra. It’s 4 times the boobs, for half the price. Now that’s value.