Mischa Barton Nipple Slip See Through Pictures

I’m really happy I found these Mischa Barton Nipple Slip See-Through pictures. Not just because you can totally see Mischa Barton’s nipples, but because I was getting really sick of writing about celebrity gossip.

Don’t get me wrong, as far as jobs are concerned, it’s not that bad, but like any job, it starts to get to you sometimes. Thankfully, this job also includes posting pictures of celebrity nipple slips, so it does have it’s upside.

Anyway, there are only two pictures (and I think the photoshoot is kinda old), but not only is this a nipple slip, it’s a see-through shot too. That means that Mischa Barton’s nipples made it past two levels of clothing to peek out and say hi. Now that’s talent.