Jenna Fischer Isn’t Just Cute, She’s Funny Too

So, if you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed I have a thing for the ladies. But, really, if you haven’t noticed that, well, let’s just say your powers of observation are severely lacking.

Anyway, one of my most very favouritest TV shows is The Office, and yes, I mean the NBC version. Don’t worry, I’ve seen and love the BBC version too, but if there’s one thing the NBC version has that the other doesn’t, it’s Jenna Fischer.

Now, we’ve already covered (or I should say uncovered) Jenna Fischer’s naked ass here on Egotastic! (naturally), but I wanted to also let you know that Jenna is really funny too. Her character on The Office is pretty reserved, so she doesn’t get all the broad laughs of some of the other actors like Steve Carrell.

But just check out this really funny video written by Jenna Fischer, and you’ll know that she’s smart, and funny, which in reality are just as good as being a hottie. It features the cast and crew of The Office giving tips on how to get laid, so you know right there it’s going to be good. Plus she makes fun of Lindsay Lohan, which means you just have to love her.

Video: , written by Jenna Fischer.

And here are the characters of The Office drawn South Park style. Taken from Pam/Jenna’s MySpace page.