Eva Longoria is Single

I don’t really care who Eva Longoria is or isn’t dating. If it’s not me, it’s pretty much irrelevant. The big news, however, is that Eva Longoria is once again single, and it looks like things didn’t end well with her and San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker. According to People, the couple split amicably, but if you’re reading Page Six, you’ll hear a very different story.

Eva Longoria and her man of two years, Tony Parker, are on the rocks after Page Six broke the news to the “Desperate Housewives” star this week that Parker was dirty dancing and cuddling with a tall blonde at Marquee during “The Departed” premiere after-party. Parker was even foolish enough to seem to be cheating on luscious Longoria in full view of Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono, The Edge and Mick Jagger – and, of course, our spies.

A friend of Longoria said, “Eva was devastated when she found out. The blonde was an ex-girlfriend of Tony, and they apparently swapped numbers, but he swears nothing else happened. Eva and Tony are talking right now, trying to work things out.” Longoria told us through her rep, “My loyalty remains with Tony.”

So, what does this all mean? Well, it means that you still have absolutely no chance of scoring with Eva. Other than that, it doesn’t really mean very much. However, it is a good opportunity to point out that Eva Longoria isn’t a very good actress. Her fake smile in the pictures below is about as convincing as Lindsay Lohan denying drug abuse claims, or Paris Hilton saying she’s abstinent.

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