Erica Durance is Naked and Crying

So here’s the story, Erica Durance, who is probably the best, and hottest Lois Lane ever, was on The Howard Stern show on Monday to promote her new movie, The Butterfly Effect 2. Normally, this wouldn’t exactly grab my attention. Especially since I don’t actually listen to The Howard Stern Show.

Of course, after I heard that Erica left the show in tears after being hammered with questions about having parties where she and her guests are nude, well, let’s just say my interest was piqued.

Yes, that’s right, pretty much the whole interview was focussed on Erica Durance, and her nude parties. How many guests go naked, is Erica naked, is her husband naked, the whole time, just naked, naked, naked. Obviously, this started to make Erica fairly uncomfortable. Plus, having to respond to Howard Stern’s repeated statements that he would never feel comfortable at such a party because he has a small penis would make anyone uncomfortable, I’m sure.

So anyway, after being verbally assaulted for about half an hour, apparently, Erica was so shaken up at the end of the interview that even though she ended it politely, by the time she hit the front door, she was crying hysterically.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can listen to the whole thing right here.

Audio clip:

Of course, I wouldn’t want to be as callous as those morons on The Howard Stern Show who literally said “fuck the movie.” So here’s a clip of Erica Durance from The Butterfly Effect. Sure, it’s the sex scene from the movie, but at least it’s on topic.

Video clip:

And here are some sexy vidcaps, with lots (54) more after the jump.