Emmy Rossum Nipple Slip Pictures

Alright all you sharp-eyed, nipple lovers, it’s time to get out your digital magnifying glasses. Why? Because if it hadn’t been for a good friend of Egotastic!, I would have never noticed these Emmy Rossum nipple slip pictures. Yes, that’s right, Emmy Rossum is ever so slightly slipping out of her dress, but this is definitely a bonified nipple slip.

So who is Emmy Rossum, you may ask? Well, I like to think of her as Anne Hathaway, Part 2. She’s that “good girl” you’ve probably seen in a bunch of movies, but you’d be hard pressed to remember her name. She’s also damn cute, and totally under-hyped in the hottie department. At any rate, hopefully you’ll remember her a little bit better after this.

I know I will…