Cameron Diaz Topless Pictures


Cameron Diaz hates the paparazzi. So I don’t think it’s very hard to figure out how she’ll feel about these topless pictures of her hitting the net. The irony of these pictures, of course, is that Cameron Diaz was topless for a photoshoot in Majorca, Spain, but it’s the paparazzi who got the pictures first.

Although, if Cameron was really worried about her privacy, couldn’t she find a better place to to be getting changed than right there on the beach, surrounded by onlookers, and photographers alike? I don’t pretend to understand the celebrity mind, but that one seems like an easy one.

But why the hell am I giving Cameron Diaz suggestions on not getting naked in public? No, I’ll keep my mouth shut about it, and just say that there are more pictures from this Cameron Diaz topless photo shoot after the jump, small as they may be.