Anne Hathaway Has No Problem Getting Naked

Even though Anne Hathaway has no problem getting naked on screen (as evidenced by her nude scenes in Brokeback Mountain and Havoc), she just wants to remind everybody that she’s still totally cool with letting everyone see her in the nude. According to PR Inside, Anne, who once considered becoming a nun (who knew!?) says that being nude in movies is no different than posing nude for a painting.

I grew up studying classic painters. They certainly didn’t shy away from nudes. I don’t find anything morally reprehensible about it. I think it is different to pose in a pair of hotpants on the cover of Stuff magazine. That’s something I’m just not interested in doing.

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone, let alone a beautiful young actress, say she’d rather be naked than wear some skanky outfit, but that’s just one more reason to love Anne Hathaway.

And these pictures are another reason to love Anne Hathaway. More after the jump.