Archives: October, 2006

Bye Bye Bob
Is Abbie Cornish the Reason why Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Split?
Jessica Simpson is a Hungry Hungry Hippo
Kate Bosworth is Shopping for… Food?
Paris Hilton Likes Eating More Than F!@#ing
Halloween Roundup
Reese Witherspoon is Soon to be Single
Jessica Alba Enjoys Her “Sex on the Beach”
Anne Hathaway Has No Problem Getting Naked
Weekend Links
No, That’s Not Julia Roberts’ Nipple
Jessica Simpson Will Stalk You on MySpace
Avril Lavigne Drunken Upskirt Pictures
Anne Hathaway is Back in Black
Will Party for Food
Ashlee Simpson Likes her Breasts, and So Do I
Lindsay Lohan Still Thinks She Has Talent
Sienna Miller’s Legs are Driving Me Crazy
The Return of Anne Hathaway
Mr. Yoda
Is that a Gisele Bundchen Nipple Slip?
Did The Donald Get Ivanka Trump New Boobs?
Rachel Bilson Pictures from In Style Magazine
Paris Hilton is Just Plain Greedy
Avril Lavigne Pictures from Italian Vanity Fair
Sloppy Seconds All Around
Jennifer Aniston is Crushed… By Photographers
Lindsay Lohan is a Crazy Driver
Jennifer Garner Got Her Hot Back
Scarlett Johansson Pictures from Allure Magazine are Not as Alluring as I’d Hoped
Natalie Portman is the New Audrey Hepburn
Petra Nemcova Has Legs Up to Her…
That Bitch is Crazy
Fergie’s “Fergalicious” Music Video
Paris Hilton: Drug Smuggler
Lindsay Lohan Likes her Breasts, and So Do I
Nicole Richie Upskirt Saved by Underwear
Brooke Burke Bikini Baby Bump Pictures
Weekend Links
Sharon Stone Won’t Put Away Her Nipples
Jessica Biel is Catwoman…
Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures… Again
Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Danneel Harris – One Tree Hill Hotties do Maxim Magazine
Sausage Time
Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton Reunited by Their Undying Love of The Party
Mischa Barton in Sexy Black
Rumours of Avril Lavigne’s Nose Job Have Been Greatly Exagerated
Wishful Thinking
Mischa Barton Nipple Slip See Through Pictures
Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice is Pregnant (and See Through)… With Eddie Murphy’s Baby
Petra Nemcova May Not Have Dumped James Blunt – But She Should Have
Hurt Him. Hurt Him Bad.
Ashlee Simpson and Fergie: BFFFs – Best Fug Friends Forever
Scarlett Johansson Sings
Dannii Minogue is Saucy Sauced
Paris Hilton Gets Snubbed Again
She Better Keep an Eye on Those Things
Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley to Play Lesbian Lovers
Sheryl Crow Bikini Pictures Are Just Wrong
Diora Baird Has Got the Right Stuff
Lindsay Lohan is a Man, Baby!
Egotastic! is Faster than Ever!
Weekend Links
A Year Without Lindsay Lohan
More Katherine Heigl Bikini Pictures
Jessica Alba Pictures from Fantastic Four 2
“I Am Sienna Miller. I Am a Famous Actress!”
New Nose, New Eyes, New Chin, Same Brain
Natalie Portman’s Billionaire British Boyfriend
Jessica Alba Nude is Not Gonna Happen
Erica Durance is Naked and Crying
Revenge of the Laguna Beach Bitch
Scarlett Johansson is Sexier in Allure
Lindsay Lohan is No Action Hero
Evangeline Lilly Bikini Make-out Pictures
Scarlett Johansson isn’t as Slutty as you Thought
Ugliest. Dress. Ever.
Jessica Simpson is Kinda Clueless
Lindsay Lohan is… Difficult
Natalie Portman is Pretty in Purple in Paris
Jenna Fischer Isn’t Just Cute, She’s Funny Too
Another One Bites the Dust
Amber Tamblyn Nipple Slip Pictures
Victoria Beckham Hates her Naked Body
Paris Hilton Caught with Pot?
Weekend Links
Scarlett Johansson Gets Kinky with a Naked Dita Von Teese in Flaunt Magazine
Sienna Miller: Pittsburgh = “Shitsburgh”
Jessica Biel is Bendy
Eva Longoria is Glamorous
She May Be as Crazy as Tom, but That Ain’t No Baby Suri
Sienna Miller and Jude Law are Still Sienna Miller and Jude Law
Are Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody Dunzo?
Emmy Rossum Nipple Slip Pictures
Jennifer Aniston Got Dumped
Hottest. Girl. Ever.
Paris Hilton vs. Shanna Moakler: Fight! Punch!
Mariah Carey Bikini Concert Pictures
Lindsay Lohan is 20, Her Chin is 50
Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are Still Doing It
Cameron Diaz Topless Pictures
Evangeline Lilly: Also with the Muscles
Jessica Biel and is a Muscle Man
Cultural Learnings of Ghonorrea
Paris Hilton is an Ass
Katherine Heigl Bikini Pictures
Rachel Bilson is Even Cuter in Pajamas
Eva Longoria is Single