Paris Hilton Helps the Homeless

Okay, so I don’t really know what to make of this . In it, a homeless man asks Paris Hilton for $100. And she actually gives it to him!

Now, did she give him the money because there were a bunch of cameras pointed in her face, or is she really that kind?

Gee, I wonder.

Here’s how TMZ reports it:

“You Paris Hilton! Can I get a hundred dollars?” was the exact quote.

Before Paris could answer, then man came down quite a bit, asking “how ’bout a dollar?” But Paris heard the first request and reached beside her and handed the man a crumpled $100 bill.

She then posed with him and remained polite, even when he asked about “Lionel Richie’s daughter”, a reference to Paris’ drama-filled relationship with Nicole Richie.

Of course all this makes you think. How come being in front of the camera hasn’t made Paris behave better in the past? There was the now classic Lindsay Lohan is a Firecrotch tirade, and don’t forget the very first video we saw her in…

Whatever. :

One thing’s for sure: That homeless guy deserves his own reality show.