Lindsay Lohan is Sad

You know, I told myself I wouldn’t do another Lindsay Lohan post this week. I wanted one day without Lindsay. Just one. But I couldn’t resist.

The big story this week, besides Lindsay flashing the firecrotch (which was real, by the way) was that Lindsay Lohan’s bag, containing $1 million worth of jewelry was stolen at Heathrow airport in London.

But just as fast as it started, it finished after the bag was found and returned to the London police. So, kind of a non-story in the end. But the best part of it is the pictures below. I mean, how could I not post these?

I know, it must suck to lose $1 million worth of anything, but that’s what you call one of life’s little lessons. Lesson being: If you have a bag full of jewerly, don’t leave it lying around.

I’m cruel, but I don’t care. This is funny. More after the jump.

Oh, and here’s Paris Hilton crying. That was funny too.