Kate Moss Is Getting Naked


Rachel Bilson may not be getting naked any time soon, but Kate Moss sure is. Kate Moss appears nude in this month’s Pop magazine, and I’ve got to say, even after all the Cocaine, Pete Doherty, and all that, she still looks pretty damn good.

Of course, there’s a ton of makeup, lighting, and probably Photoshop helping out, but still, all things considered, she doesn’t look bad. It does seem a bit odd, though. I know she’s a model, and has never seemed to mind “getting her kit off” in the past, but you’d think a model of her status would reserve nude photoshoots for more popular magazines.

Still, when you’ve got to bail your boyfriend out of jail every other week, and keep up your nasty habits, a job is a job, and it looks like Kate Moss needs the money.