Kate Beckinsale is the Ultimate MILF

It pretty much goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyways. Kate Beckinsale is ridiculously beautiful. If it’s at all possible, she seems to get even better looking as time goes on. So much so, that Kate was passed over for the role of the mother in The Ring, since producers thought she wasn’t “Mom” enough. The fact that she actually has a kid seems not to have mattered, reports Life Style Extra.

Kate Beckinsale was turned down for the lead role in ‘The Ring’ because studio bosses said she “didn’t look like a mother.”

The ‘Pearl Harbour’ beauty has a seven-year-old daughter Lily but the role was given to ‘King Kong’ star Naomi Watts instead.

Kate, 33, said: “They asked me to do ‘The Ring’ then took it back, saying I didn’t look like a mother when, of course, I am a mum with a child and Naomi Watts isn’t.”

That there, my friends, is the dictionary definition of MILF. Assuming MILF is actually in the dictionary. Of course, if you don’t believe it, just take a look at Kate Beckinsale on the red carpet below, or better yet, check out these Kate Beckinsale bikini pictures.

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