Jennifer Aniston’s Life is a Beach

So, I saw these pictures of Jennifer Aniston walking on the beach, looking really good, and I thought I’d find some news story to go along with them. Yes, that’s what gossip blogging is really like.

Anyway, there wasn’t anything particularly interesting out there. Something about Jennifer on Broadway for a day, and something else about her being named best dressed, but I didn’t really feel like writing about those, so I kept looking. Then I found this scintillating article from TMZ, entitled “Jen’s Dog Day Afternoon.”

Jennifer Aniston took a stroll on the beach with some furry friends in Malibu on Sunday.

Sporting a white tank top and denim cutoffs, Aniston looked tantastic as she walked her dogs along the shore.

While there was no sign of her man Vince Vaughn, Jen seemed to be enjoying herself just fine with man’s best friend.

And I thought I was lazy.

But, yeah. Jennifer Aniston does look great. Lots more pics after the jump.