Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Pictures (with a Hint of Nipple)

Woah. Now that’s what I call side boob. I don’t what got into Lindsay Lohan‘s head to wear that glorified hospital gown, but I’m not sorry she did.

Now, I can’t say with complete certainty whether these really qualify as Lindsay Lohan nipple slip pictures (since they’re a bit blurry, and watermarked), but hopefully I’ll have some hi-res shots up soon to help us figure it out.

Bigger and Better Update: The Hi-res versions of these awesome Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Pictures are now up, so go check them out. But don’t forget about the pictures in this post, because some of them aren’t in hi-res yet.

Updated Update: More Lindsay Lohan Side Boob Pictures

Photo credit: Splash

Update: More pictures of this epic Lindsay Lohan side boob have surfaced, but sadly, they’re not hi-res. But we do get a great alternate angle, plus a little panty flash too. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Photo credit: X17