Lindsay Lohan: Naked, Drinking, and Messy

The last time we saw personal pictures of Lindsay Lohan, she was drinking underage (in a car no less), surrounded by drugs, and giving the middle finger.

Not much has changed. In this new set of old pictures (her hair is black, so they were taken quite a while ago), Lindsay Lohan is up to her old tricks. Namely drinking Jack Daniels whisky, possibly (probably) using drugs (there’s what looks like a white dime bag of coke on the table behind her), and yes, giving the middle finger. This time, however, she ups the ante by getting almost totally naked.

But the most telling part of all this is the way her mother, Dina Lohan is totally just playing along. Now, in all fairness, there isn’t enough evidence in these pictures to firmly establish that Dina Lohan was present when Lindsay was having her picture taken while walking around naked and drinking JD, but it sure as hell looks like the same room.

I’m not saying Dina Lohan is a bad mother (mainly becaue I don’t want to get sued), but I don’t have a hard time believing that she’s a little lax when it somes to the discipline. I mean, would you make your kid clean up their room (or stop drinking whisky) if they were earning $7 Million dollars a movie? Well you should. It builds character. And what kind of proper young lady drinks whisky (and from the bottle no less). A vodka tonic is a much more refined drink.