Janet Jackson Goes Topless on FHM Cover

It’s really amazing what crash dieting, non-stop exercise, and some good old-fashioned Photoshop can do these days. Just a few short months ago (okay, eight or nine months ago), Janet Jackson was really fat. I mean really fat. But now, why, just look at her.

Sure she might look good in these pictures from FHM magazine, topless as she is, but think for a second. Consider how much work must have gone into these photos. From make-up, to lighting, to computer aided retouching.

But with a title saying “I’ve never worn this little,” you’d expect the magazine to make sure she looks good, no matter what the cost. And frankly, I’m glad they did, because who wants to look at an aging pop star who probably has the worst stretch marks in the business? Not I, that’s who.

All that being said. Janet Jackson topless on the cover of FHM is still pretty hot.