Another Bai Ling Nipple Slip


So, are there any pictures in which Bai Ling is not having a nipple slip? Because if there are, I don’t think I’ve seen them. There’s the original Bai Ling Nipple Slip, and then the Bai Ling Nipple Slip from Cannes, and now this one, which occured at the LA Confidential magazine pre-Emmy party.

That’s three nipple slips. That’s a lot. And there are simple ways to avoid them, like wearing a bra, or a dress that doesn’t have such a low neck line, or just being aware of what the hell is going on with your breasts. Of course, it’s Bai Ling, so what are you expecting?

Anyway, there are more Bai Ling nipple slip pictures after the jump, including some close-ups.