So Close to an Emmanuelle Chriqui Nipple Slip

Why is it that when it comes to nipple slips, we’re usually left with either a Tara Reid nipple slip, or a Paris Hilton nipple slip? Sure, we might see the occasional Mischa Barton nipple slip, and Lindsay Lohan sometimes comes close, but those are rare.

So how come there’s no Emmanuelle Chriqui nipple slip happening here!? Is she the only hot, young celebrity who’s actually heard of double-sided tape (or at least knows how to use it)? First we see nothing of her in that threesome scene from Entourage, and now this! I feel cheated, and I want my money back.

Anyway, there may not be any actual nipple here, but there are tons more pictures of Emmanuelle Chriqui after the jump, so do check those out.

Update – April 6, 2007: Check out this brand new Emmanuelle Chriqui Nipple Slip