Rosario Dawson is a Total Nerd

I’m a nerd. I go to the comic book store every week to pick up my favourite titles, and I usually end up buying even more. That makes me a nerd. And very rarely do I ever see a girl, let alone a girl like Rosario Dawson, there.

But when you have your own comic book, that you co-wrote, with characters based on your likeness, called Occult Crimes Taskforce, then that makes you a nerd. So, Rosario Dawson, guess what: You’re a nerd too. And I love it!

It’s about time there were some women in the real world who actually look like the women in the comic world, and who actually read comics too.

Anyway, there’s more pictures of my new favourite nerd after the jump, (plus some pages from the comic – with awesome artwork) so be sure to check those out. And be sure to pick up Rosario Dawson’s Occult Crime Taskforce on your next trip to the comic shop, you big nerd.