Jessica Biel Bikini Pictures

The theme of the week continues today here at Egotastic!, and if you really haven’t been paying attention, that theme is bikini pictures. A theme which I am loving. To be completely honest, this is why I started blogging, and while gossip can be fun, hot celebrities showing skin is where it’s at.

Anyway, today’s score features some great Jessica Biel bikini pictures, complete with a round of catch football. I don’t get why Jessica Biel has gone all she-hulk, but as long as she keeps the bikini on (or off…) I won’t complain too much.

Alright, there’s something like 52 Jessica Biel bikini pictures in total, the rest of which are after the jump, so have fun.

Update: Check out these hot new Jessica Biel Bikini Pictures – Dec. 27, 2006