Eva Pigford: America’s Next Topless Model


Alright, so it’s not like she’s posing for Playboy, like that other “winner” from America’s Next Top Model, but I’m sure these topless pictures of Eva Pigford were not what Tyra Banks had in mind when she chose Miss Eva (the Diva) as the winner of the show a few seasons ago.

Still, it is the fashion world, and it should be expected that a model eventually strip down somewhat. Of course, it seems the only way for these “top models” to actually be remembered at all is by taking off their clothes. Sure, I don’t read fashion magazines that often, but I do keep my eye on the fashion world as it relates to pop culture, and in general, you’d be hard pressed to see anything involving those “top model” girls.

Fact is, if these girls really were “top model” material, they wouldn’t need to go on a reality show in their late 20s to prove it. They’d be walking down catwalks in Paris by the time they were 17 at the latest, and they probably would have taken their clothes off even sooner.

Regardless, I’ll still watch the next season of ANTM, since it’s damn good TV, but don’t expect to see any other Top Model girls on Egotastic! unless they too are getting their clothes off. Now enjoy these Eva Pigford topless pictures.